So Long, Farewell….

It’s amazing to look back at the archives of this blog.  A little under two years ago, in April 2011, Mel, Ana and I started this blog.  So much has changed since then – I’ve switched servers, Mel quit the game (yet continues to relentlessly badger me about tanking theory), and Ana has less time to write rants.  An entire expansion has come and gone, and we’re halfway through a second.  WoG gained and lost a cooldown, Holy Power went from an awkward resource mechanic to an interesting one, and Shield of the Righteous went from a DPS dump to the centerpiece of our active mitigation.  Protection paladins have gone from ignoring hit and expertise and stacking mastery and dancing around a block cap to hard-capping hit and expertise and stacking haste.

Our spec has seen a huge number of changes in the past two years.  And I’d like to think that we here at Sacred Duty have had a small part in that, by pointing out oddities, making suggestions, and providing analysis and modeling.

However, all good things must come to an end.  This is our last post…

…at this address.

We’re not quitting. But we are moving.  While WordPress was a perfectly satisfactory host for this blog when we started, it’s no longer suiting us.  I’ve been posting a lot of large tables and figures, which don’t play well with the narrow TwentyTen theme we’re using.  Nor did the comments – we were never happy with how constrained and awkward nested comments looked with this theme.  In addition, the default WP-LaTeX syntax is annoying, and to be honest the \LaTeX it produces looks terrible.  But to tweak the blog’s theme to suit our needs, we’d have to upgrade our WordPress account (and I’m not sure that we can even fix the LaTeX issue that way).

Instead, we’re moving to a new host.  We’ll still be using the WordPress software, but by hosting the blog elsewhere we have full control over the theme, plugins, and so on.  We’ve come to an agreement with our friend Rhidach of Righteous Defense, has graciously offered to host the blog in return for our promise to stop teasing him about his hair every time he uses his Orb of the Sin’dorei.

The site is already live at, though you need not remember that because the domain registration should be switching over this evening.  By tomorrow, the usual address will point to the new site.  All of the old posts and comments are over there (and for once, nested comments might be readable!), and all of our new posts will be published over there as well.  Once the domain has been redirected to point to the new site, this one will be stripped down to barebones (basically, just a placeholder to remind you we moved and point you to the correct site).  I’ve turned off comments here already, as I don’t want to have to do any last-minute import/export operations.

What does this mean for you, as a reader? Well, hopefully you won’t even notice a difference.  If you get to our site through a bookmark to or through a link on twitter, nothing will change.  Similarly, if you’ve bookmarked an old post through a permalink, they should continue to work.  We’re trying to make this as seamless as possible.

One thing that will change is the RSS feeds.  If you’ve subscribed to one of our RSS feeds on this site, we’re 99% sure you’ll have to re-subscribe to the feed over at the new site.  There’s a convenient link at the top of the sidebar with which you can do that.

Thanks for hanging around for the past two years of discussions, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.  And I hope you’re looking forward to continuing the discussion for the next two years as much as we are, too.

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